A Message from the Director

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Greetings to you all

The Economic Research Centre - Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2E-LIPI) is one of the Indonesian Government Research Institutes established in 1967. P2E-LIPI plays a leading role in the field of economic and development policy research. The Centre is previously known as The National Economic and Social Institution  (Lembaga Ekonomi dan Kemasyarakatan Nasional/ LEKNAS), then  LEKNAS-LIPI was reorganized into the Centre for Economics and Development Studies -Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Pusat Penelitian Pengembangan Ekonomi dan Pembangunan/PEP-LIPI) in 1986. Based on President Decree No. 178/2000 on December 15th, 2000 and LIPI Director Decree No.1151/M/2001 June, PEP-LIPI has been renamed to the Economic Research Center – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Pusat Penelitian Ekonomi/P2E-LIPI) in 2001. P2E-LIPI consists of three divisions: Regional Development, Industrial and Trade, Finance and Banking. The main objective of P2E is to advice the government on all economic and development issues, both on national and international economic issues. The focus issues are poverty reduction; economic governance and competitiveness; energy, environment and climate change; and decentralization and regional autonomy.  Moreover, P2E-LIPI also carries out joint research, in collaboration with domestic and international research institutions.